I certainly did not mean for it to get to be Saturday before I posted again! Oops! Good thing The Queen can’t be late!

Here in The Queen’s Realm-

First thing this morning I was brought back to reality by several birds having a rave in my backyard…. We sleep with the windows open as much as we can, I wish they would take this into consideration when choosing their venues….

There were mockingbirds, mourning doves, wrens, sparrows and grackles out there too….. Quite a diverse group!

Yesterday I had a crazy flashback to 1986 when The Pirate Redbeard and I started dating. One of the few ways we could see each other on a school night  was to do homework together. We met in Physics class- he was a junior, I was a senior. I had no business being in the AP class! Just another example of God putting me where I needed to be!

Yesterday, I took Buttercup and the Boyfriend (Maybe, I will call him the Huntsman- I’ll try it out) to the public library to do homework. They were so cute! Of course, I don’t know how much homework got done- but that’s ok for now. 🙂

For those of you curious about my Friend, 10, who has started her journey to healing….. she started her chemotherapy this week. The side effects hit her on day 3. It was hard, but she is strong. I am her back up driver and already have 2 opportunities lined up to serve in this small but vital way.

Never having been to a chemo treatment before, I have researched some ideas of things to bring with me when I take her. Do any of you, Loyal Subjects, have practical suggestions for me? You would be forever in the Queen’s Favor….

On a happy, happy, joy, joy kind of note… another Dear Friend of the Queen had a great reason to celebrate…. LC Aggie Sith’s husband came home last night after being deployed to parts unknown for OVER A YEAR!!!!

 I can’t even imagine the happiness in that house….. God bless him for his service and God bless Aggie and her 3 kids for keeping the world running until he got home. I am so unabashedly joyful for them!

So, this has been a week of ups and downs for the Queen. Time for more coffee (in Redbeard’s favorite dinosaur cup- don’t tell!) and a book on the patio- maybe the birds will let me join the party!

Rule#130- Remember that God always puts you where you need to be….