Well, we made it through Easter weekend and here we are at Monday again.

I have been working hard to eat clean the last couple of weeks.

I have not gone at it 100%, I still eat out once in a while and cannot quite give up Diet Dr Pepper- although I have cut back by more than half.

Yesterday I couldn’t/didn’t resist the goodies that the Easter bunny brought (Grammy and The Boyfriend!)

 Suffice it to say that there were Cadbury Creme Eggs involved.

I ended up with a sugar rush style headache that just about wiped me out…

 Last night it was time to plan the menu for this week’s dinners. I kept in mind how bad I felt after all the candy and planned well….

And Buttercup and I started the day off right with home-made wheat bread and grapefruit….

It amazes me that no matter how old I get (and I AM old) I still do that to myself. I know for a fact that I will feel like crap if I eat that stuff, but I continue to dabble in the dark arts anyway.

Well, at least it was only a one day fall from the wagon!

Rule #129- Eat your fruits and veggies and leave the Cadbury eggs to the professionals!