Let me start with an apology- Even the Queen has to apologize sometimes. I have been absent from posting and from commenting on other posts- not a very hands on monarch. I have set myself the goal of getting back on track….

Last week I read a book called The Fortune Cookie Chronicles by Jennifer 8 Lee. I heard an interview with the author on NPR a long time ago and bought the book at the Half Priced Book Store. It had been on my “To Be Read” shelf for over a year.

The author writes about the anthropology of Chinese food in America.  It started with a group of lottery winners throughout the country that all used the same numbers out of fortune cookies.As a rule, I eat more Thai or Vietnamese food than Chinese…. but reading this book had me craving General Tso’s chicken in a serious kind of way!

And of course I had to get Won Ton Soup….

So, on Sunday while Buttercup was on a picnic with The Boyfriend, Redbeard took me for Chinese.  He is such a sweet Pirate!

Just before my soup was delivered, Buttercup texted me just to check in. Somehow, when I putting my phone back on the table it just jumped out of my hand. It landed right in my soup bowl and tipped the bowl….

Luckily, I moved fast enough and did not wear the soup. Redbeard was equally quick and rescued my poor phone.  It dried quickly and works fine.

So, I got my Chinese craving satisfied and had a bit of an adventure. Who knows where reading books will lead you!

Rule #127- Don’t put your phone in your soup!