Have you ever found yourself in a situation that prior to it happening you were absolutely sure (in the hypothetical) that you knew exactly what you would do?

Does that make sense?

For example: If the smoke alarm wakes me up, I will know exactly what to do and act quickly without having to wonder what happens next.

I had to do something today that I have never done before. I had to call the police because someone left 2 preschool age boys alone in the car to go cell phone shopping. Really?

I took Buttercup to the dentist for her regular cleaning/check up. As  we were leaving the dentist I noticed a car parked right near the door with its windows down. Inside were two boys (I would guess 2 and 4). They were playing in the front seat- no adult in sight.

I didn’t hesitate…. I pulled out my phone and dialed 911. I told the operator where/what/who etc…. and she said an officer was on the way.  I decided not to approach the car and talk to the kids because I was afraid that would scare them.

Buttercup and I went to my car and sat and watched until the police came. Just before they arrived- a young woman exited a cell phone store nearby. She approached the car, talked to the boys for a moment and turned and went back into the store. Nice of her to check on her kids….

Does she not realize that there are bad people out there?

Less than 5 minutes after I placed the call, a police car rolled up and parked behind the car.  As the officer got out, we drove away.

We didn’t hang out for 2 reasons. One was that Buttercup had a quiz in her next class and wanted to get back in time for that. The second was that I didn’t think what happened next concerned me. I did what I thought was right. I alerted authorities that this adult had made an unsafe and unsound (in my opinion) decision to leave little kids unattended.

I don’t know what happened next, but I do know those two little boys are safe.

For me; that’s enough.

How I feel!

How I feel!

 Rule #126- Do the right thing.