Today I am inspired by Sister Kelly. She wrote about her family cooking a new food based on a story they read together.

When Buttercup was 4 or 5 we read a great book called Cook-a Doodle Doo by Janet Stevens and Susan Stevens Crummel. In the story, the farm animals make a strawberry shortcake.

Buttercup had never had shortcake….and since it was Spring in Germany- the strawberries were abundant and delicious!

We decided to bake one together….

Step One.... Taste everything!

Step Two... More whipped cream!

Step Three... Lots of strawberries

Step Four- Never enough whipped cream

Final Product.... Ready to eat!

The day we took these pictures, we emailed them to the illustrator of the book. She wrote back and asked permission to use them in her presentations when she visits schools. That made my little Buttercup feel so special!

Thanks, Sister Kelly, for bringing back such sweet memories!

Rule #125- If your child asks you to try something…. make the time to make the memories!