Let me start with a confession: I am a cry baby. I cry at commercials, when I hear sad songs, tv shows, movies, books, other people’s pain, all kinds of things. I just cry!

So, last night I had an unexpected message from the husband of one of my closest friends. He told me that she was not going to be able to continue on a project we had started together (I can’t go into anymore detail and keep her privacy)- he would drop off the supplies on my porch. No explanation.

I admit to being both surprised and a little hurt. What had I done to her that she didn’t even want to talk to me to explain. Just dropping it like that? It wasn’t even a huge amount of work….. Being the non-confrontationalist that I am- of course I did not call her up right away to ask. I just stewed and then got over it and went on with my night.

This morning- I got a Facebook message from her. Oh good, I thought, now she’ll tell me what’s going on and I can fix it if it is something I did.

I was so very wrong.

My dear, sweet, loving, giving, big-hearted friend told me that she has been diagnosed with breast cancer. I sat in the parking lot of Buttercup’s school (where I read the message) and cried. I cried and cried and called The Pirate Redbeard and cried and cried. Actually, my eyes are leaking a little now.

I felt so small.

 I felt small for having made her handing off our project all about me. I also felt small thinking about what a big challenge she is facing and there is practically nothing I can do in the face of it to help.

I have not yet worked up the courage to call her…. I did write her a long message, so she knows how I feel. I am afraid to call her yet as she doesn’t need to hear me boo hoo about HER issues- I need to strengthen my reserves first so I can be there for her.

I will go get flowers today and start a list of things I can do to make her life easier. I will have to play this by ear….

Any of you that are Believers (my Friend sure is)- please be in prayer for my friend, her family and her doctors.

 Rule #124- Don’t judge others from your point of view…. Oh, I need to work on this one!