Well, we made it back to SATX alive and relatively well…. I caught a pretty mean cold- but wasn’t sick until the day we drove home so no big worries. I can take care of it today while I unpack and catch up. It is amazing how much you can miss in 5 days!

New Orleans is an interesting city. Lots of history and architecture; also lots of filth, humidity and street people. Overall- great experience.

We ate and ate and drank and drank and walked and walked- oh and hemorrhaged money. Not a cheap city to visit for sure.

We rode a river boat, took a mule carriage tour of the French Quarter and St Louis #1 cemetary. We had beignets and cafe au lait at the Cafe du Monde. We ate at Margaritavile because Buttercup loves Jimmy Buffett. We strolled the French Market and ate whatever we could find.

The aquarium was fantastic- penguins, otters and parakeets that sit on your hand along with the billions of fishies!

A street car/trolley ride through the Garden District was great timing- huge thunder storm while we were riding. Lots of rain- but it never lasted very long.

Redbeard and I spend an evening in Pat O’Brien’s drinking Hurricanes (me) and Abita beer (him) and singing at the top of our lungs.

The street performers ranged from disturbing, right through useless and up into inspiring and fantastic.

Two groups stood out- on Royal St. there was a group dressed like they were Kentucky mountain people and they played instruments and music from that area. When we stopped there were maybe 10 of them and by the time we left there were 20. It just grew and improved.  The second was on Bourbon at Canal. A big bunch of brass and drums playing what I think of as Jazz Funeral type of music. They were a rag tag bunch but they sure could play! They had everyone dancing and clapping and just loving life!

Anyway= I will get some pictures up at some point, but I need to go get to work on this house. Buttercup has a movie date this afternoon and as she is not allowed to go out with a boy alone, I get to go to the movie too!

I missed you all and am happy to be home.

Rule #120- Be the kind of person that your pets are excited to see when you come home!