Wednesday is here. Not the most exciting day of the week. It just kind of sits there in the middle of everything minding its own business. Until lunch time- you are still at the beginning of the week. After lunch you are on the down hill slide to the weekend.

Here in SATX this is the last week before Spring Break. A whole week of no schedules, no making lunch or setting alarms….. We are going to visit New Orleans to celebrate my mom’s upcoming birthday (a big one that ends in 0!)

Once Mom, her older sister and Buttercup are tucked in safe at night- Redbeard and I will go to

 But for now, I will leave you with a picture of what I want for the next gift giving occasion that comes along….

You only think I’m joking!

Rule #118- Make suggestions for what the Queen and her entourage should do in The Big Easy….