I am going to take the advice of my Sister Friend, KP. I am going to remember to focus on the positive. The last rule was about all the things I am no good at….  today I will post about the things I feel a natural gift for….

I love to cook and bake…. I think I have developed a good feel for bread…

I am a cat whisperer….

I seem to know who needs a hug and am not afraid to share!

 I love people and love to see them happy. It seems that encouragement is a gift I have in abundance…

I am very open with my feelings….If I am happy- I sing, dance, smile…. If something is funny to me I laugh out loud. One of my favorite aspects of our church is the safety to be myself. Sometimes while we are singing and joining together in worship I lift my hands, sing as loud as I can, dance and cry…. no one cares!

Last, but not least, I can organize. I can be “that mom”. I’ll get everyone signed in, split in groups and have the show on the road without a blink… I also keep the 3 of us (yes, I know some of you have a lot more than 3 to keep track of) in order….

 So…. I can put you in order, hug you, encourage you, share my feelings with you and bake you a mean loaf of bread- all while playing with the kitties and telling a lady in the grocery store how pretty her sweater looks and watching her smile!

Rule #114- Be your own best friend!