Yay! I’m back! My schedule should be back to mostly normal for a while…..

Today’s challenge is a picture of something you wish you could do…

I came up with a list of 5 things that I wish I had a natural talent for.

In no particular order, I wish I could:

5. Carry a tune in a bucket!

4. Draw pictures that other people could recognize.

3. Play the piano (To hear a song and just be able to play along- oh what a dream!)

2. Play the guitar (Would be especially helpful with the singing!)

1. Speak in front of other people ( I can handle 500 kids, but more than 5 adults and I get antsy!)

 So- I know there are ways to improve these skills- but my wish is to have a natural gift for these things!

Rule #113- Sing out loud- but only when no one can hear you!!!!