I was going through my choices for today’s challenge and I found one that made me smile…. favorite athlete(s).

The Queen is not a huge sports fan. There are some games I will watch on tv, but not much. I enjoy going to live sporting events, but mostly for the fun- not the game itself. I have been to professional baseball and basketball, college and high school football, AAA hockey and professional rodeo.  They are all especially fun in person.

Now- when it comes to picking favorites I am sentimental and loyal. I started liking the San Francisco 49ers back in the 80’s (because Joe Montana was handsome) and they are still my favorite team. Being from Upstate NY you would think I liked the Buffalo Bills- no luck!

I have a funny story about basketball. When we were newly married we lived in southeastern Virginia (the Norfolk/Virginia Beach area). One time we were flying home from somewhere and the whole back of the plane was aflutter over someone in first class. When we asked a flight attendant what was going on, she told us Grant Hill was in first class. He grew up in the area and was going home to visit his Grandma. We had to ask her who Grant Hill was! You know, he actually allowed any kids on the plane that wanted pictures and/or autographs to come up and see him in first class. At the time I was really impressed by that. When we disembarked, we had no trouble picking him out of the crowd

 Baseball is one of my least favorite games to watch, but I have a favorite. The local AAA team where we grew up was  the Rochester Red Wings. They were the farm team for the Baltimore Orioles. A class mate of mine was the son of one of the Oriole coaches. When I was in junior high, Jim Palmer was on the Orioles. Enough said….

Before we moved to Virginia- NASCAR was not really on our radar. Once we got there and got settled, we dipped our toes in the Redneck soup that is racing. At the time the Hometown Hero was Ricky Rudd…. so we cheered for him.

 So- I don’t know a lot about sports but I know what I like! I am stubborn and loyal and once I decide I like you, you are in my good graces just about forever. Be warned however, the opposite also applies!

Rule #111- Don’t be a fairweather fan!