It’s raining in South Texas….. finally. I know it is going to take a lot more than this to make up for the last 14 months of no rain, but it sure feels good now.

I love the rain. Last night Redbeard drove us home from the San Antonio Rodeo (7 years in a row it has won top Rodeo award!) in the rain. I felt so safe and cozy and thankful. Mostly thankful that I wasn’t driving. I don’t like to drive in the dark. Redbeard is not afraid of anything.

We dropped Buttercup’s friend at her house and headed for home. It was 12:43 am. Our goal, to be home and in bed when the clock struck 1:00. We made it. Another big storm- thunder, lightning, wind, pouring rain hit right after that.

I lay there and thanked God for all I had. The safe house, the strong walls and roof, the warm, dry bed. I thanked Him that Buttercup, Redbeard, Severus the Destroyer and Perry the Stealthy were safe and secure and sound asleep. It was a very content moment. I try to pay attention to them.

On a side note, Redbeard’s parents arrive this afternoon for a week-long visit- so if I am more absent than usual that’s why.

Rule #110- Take time to count your blessings.