Today’s challenge is something you have good memories of (I guess it should be something of which you have good memories, but I am working from a list!)

This idea coincides nicely with the fact that today is LeVar Burton’s birthday. Who is LeVar Burton? I’m glad you asked.

I first “met” LeVar Burton as a young wife trying to find common tv ground with her hubby. We watched Star Trek Next Generation. I fell in love with it… I admit it. LeVar played Jordi- the guy with the cool glasses.

About two weeks after we married, I started my first grown up job. I taught third and then second grades in a very impoverished school in Portsmouth, Virginia. I had kids in my class who had never eaten in a restaurant or been to a movie- ever. I had kids with no televisions in their homes- so (not to judge, just a guess) no books either.

I found a show on PBS called Reading Rainbow. I got permission to let my kids watch it every day for the required “rest time” after recess. It was about 20 minutes of screen time. Yes, I read to them at every opportunity and tried my hardest to get them to read…. but Reading Rainbow was an awesome tool. And, to my surprise, the host was LeVar Burton. We loved to watch that show and sing the songs and search for the featured books in the library.

 But you don’t have to take my word for it! (If you have ever seen the show, you will get the reference…. if not, sorry!)

I do know that he also starred in Roots. But I must admit that I have never seen it-

So- between watching Star Trek with Redbeard and watching Reading Rainbow with my kids…. I have happy memories of LeVar Burton. He is someone who I think has made a difference.

Happy Birthday, LeVar!

Rule #109- Take a look, it’s in a book, a Reading Rainbow!