So, we have reached another Valentine’s Day. I love it! I know that it is a contrived Hallmark holiday…. but it still makes me happy. I know I am loved every day and I do my best to show my love for others every day- but I think that it is important to make a special effort once in a while.

Now, we don’t have a tradition. Some years, Pirate Redbeard and I get all dressed up and go out super fancy style- grown ups only. Some years we get take out and watch tv together. There are always cards and some small token (flowers or balloons).

This year it is a family affair…. Buttercup and I will make dinner while Redbeard is in charge of dessert.

She chose meatloaf- sounds unromantic, but she had her reasons. One- it’s something she wanted to learn how to make. Two- you can shape it like a heart. So there will be a heart-shaped meatloaf, heart-shaped mashed potatoes with a green pea decoration and pink applesauce.

I hope Redbeard can come up with an equally thoughtful dessert! As long as he comes home as early as he promised- I don’t care if he brings a candy bar!

Here are some cute Valentine’s I found…. Enjoy!

Happy Valentine’s Day from the Queen’s World to Yours….