Wednesday is upon us and I realized I missed posting yesterday…. alas!

For today’s challenge I chose a relatively easy one- my favorite Disney character.

I watched The Wide World of Disney every Sunday at my Gramma and Gramper’s house. Some of my best memories are of holding plastic bowls filled with ice cream and cool whip up where their aptly named cat, Bandit, could not pilfer! We would eat ice cream, have a fire and watch Disney. I don’t remember a lot of specifics- I liked the “home of the future” and Goofy doing sporting events.

Once I grew too old for that, I guess I didn’t pay much attention to Disney until Little Mermaid came out. Wow- celebrity voices and fun music, what a change for animation. After that I saw all the new ones as they came out, even as an adult!

I have to say that my favorite character is Mulan.

Bear with me here.  I am not trying to be politically correct or sarcastic here. Mulan came along at a time when I was trying to decide how to raise my baby girl. What kind of girl did I want her to be? Mulan was a girl in a society with no respect for girls- but her family’s love taught her to respect herself. She went to war to protect her family. She risked death by pretending to be a boy. The “leading man” (who, coincidentally was the first Disney character to be drawn with nipples!) learned to like her for herself. He fell in love with the person she truly was.  It wasn’t about her looks.

Now, I love a good princess story BUT I didn’t want Buttercup to grow up thinking that in order to be happy she had to worry about being the most beautiful. I didn’t want her to think that she could only get the man of her dreams if she looked like a princess.  I didn’t want her to do things just to get a man. As much as I love my life and my man- that isn’t the goal for a woman’s life anymore.

I love Mulan because it teaches girls that bravery and integrity and intelligence and a willingness to put others before yourself are what make you attractive. If he only likes you because you’re pretty- he is SO not worth it.

Caveat- of course, Buttercup is more beautiful to me than all those princesses put together, but she doesn’t depend on it to get her through life.

Rule #105- Teach your girls that who they are is much more important that what they look like.