Wow! Up to Rule #100- how did that happen?! I guess this is a lot more fun than I anticipated!

Today’s step on the challenge is a picture of the cast of your favorite tv show.

I don’t have just one favorite tv show. I have several. Luckily they don’t all run at the same time so I can spread them out. They all fill a different need in my entertainment department.

Honestly, most of these get watched either on DVD or streamed through Netflix because they are on channels we don’t get or we started watching them after the first season.

I can only think of 2 comedies I like:
1. The Big Bang Theory- I can honestly say that I laugh out loud several times during each episode..

2. How I Met Your Mother- Barney is my favorite!

Now for the dramas… (in no particular order)

1.Sons of Anarchy – Something about sexy, big-hearted bad boys…..

2. Dexter- He does it all for the good of the rest of us….

Β 3. The Walking Dead- We love to watch this and talk about how we would do it differently!

4. Justified-Β I love Timothy Olyphant. He starred in probably my all time favorite- Deadwood.

5. True Blood- I know I have talked about it before, but I just think it is a super fun show!

As far a network tv goes-Β there are a couple of things we watch as a family- Once Upon a Time, Grimm, Bones, Glee, A Gifted Man…. but nothing that I couldn’t miss a week of.

Anyway… Rule #100- If you don’t have big plans tonight (I don’t!)- find something good on tv. Open a bottle of wine (or gin, or whatever), grab a blanket and a couch buddy and enjoy!