I found a 100 day photo challenge that sounded interesting… now of course I won’t keep it up for 100 days… that’s unrealistic! I also won’t include pictures of the real people in my life…. so I will make some alterations to the daily challenges. As the Queen, I am entitled to this!

Day 1 calls for a picture of me and a list of 15 random facts….

1. I think the song “Fat Bottom Girls” by Queen (not me!) was written with me in mind!

2. I have read every Stephen King book ever written.

3. I graduated number 27 from a class of 487 in high school.

4. I enjoyed the hell out of the 5 years we lived in Germany.

5. I don’t believe in astrology- but Taurus fits me well.

6. The whole time I was pregnant with Buttercup, I could not eat tomato sauce.

7. The smell of laundry makes me happy.

8. I love to make other people feel good about themselves.

9. I equate food with love…. good for those I cook for…bad for my waist line!

10. I have an extremely addictive personality.

11. I love red wine and vodka tonics with extra lime.

12. I have been the same height since 6th grade.

13. I HATE to exercise

14. I have done things that won’t ever get published on this blog

15. Redbeard and Buttercup are my favorites!

Rule #99- Tell me something I don’t know about you….