Today I took the kitties to the vet. They needed their Rabies shots. If you could see them in person- the thought of them attacking someone and needing proof of Rabies vaccination is quite humorous.

They let me put them in their carrier with very little kerfuffle…. they didn’t know what I was doing. Next time might not be so easy!

Doctor R said they are doing great and growing like super heroes….. they have doubled in weight since December 21- They are a whole 4 pounds each! Monster kitties!

I will now force you to gaze upon the cuteness that is Severus and Perry.

Using the wine rack as a ladder

This is how they comforted each other before shots

sleeping on my tummy

They love each other

What are you looking at?

Sleeping like Superman

Proof that Redbeard thinks they're pretty cute!

So- now that you have a toothache from how sweet they are……. can you see how dangerous they look!

Rule #98- Get your Rabies shot!