Yesterday I told you the things that Redbeard does that make me happy…..

But I’m a nice person and I do things for him, too! (We will keep it out of the bedroom though because the Princess Buttercup happens by here once in while!)

They are small, silly things- but I believe he notices!

1. I fold and put away his laundry just the way he likes it…

2. Every Friday, I make sure there is beer in the fridge.

3. I fill up his box of pills every week and make sure he takes it every day….

 4. I greet him at the door ALMOST every night

5. When he wakes up on the weekends, I bring hm coffee and serve it with a smile!

Now, don’t be concerned that we are actually robots or cartoon people… It’s not all perfect. Maybe tomorrow I will share the things that bug the snot out of me!


Rule #95- What goes around, comes around!