I am a pretty easy person to get along with. I am low maintenance and I don’t expect people to do things for me.

I do admit though, that I like it when they do. If you have ever heard of, or read, the book The 5 Love Languages, you will understand.

I fall very definitely into the Acts of Service category. I show my feelings for others by doing things for them. I also feel most loved when people do things for me. Not big things… just every day little things.

For example: Here are 5 things that the Pirate Redbeard does for me that make me feel loved…

1. He turns my coffee maker on before he leaves the house in the morning so that it is ready for me when I get up.

2. He takes my car to the car wash whenever he takes it out on the weekend.

3. He makes sure I have a nice glass of wine or whatever I am drinking when we sit down to watch tv at night.

4. He makes his half of the bed and picks up the dirty clothes off the floor every morning.

5. If I ask him to stop at the HEB on the way home he does it without complaint (usually adding a nice treat for me and/or Buttercup too)

See, I don’t ask for much. No grand gestures are needed. It’s just nice to have someone pay enough attention to you that they know what makes you smile.

Rule #94- Find out what makes your loved ones “tick” and do your best to make them smile