Happy Monday and Happy MLK Day…. no work for Redbeard and no school for Buttercup. Of course, they are both still sound asleep and the kitties are using me as “base” in their game of tag/hide and seek.

Lots of people are making lists… I love making  lists!

Today’s list is 2 lists of 5…

5 games I will play and 5 games I refuse to play.

You see; growing up an only child has caused a few issues. I am extremely non-competitive. It was just me and Mom growing up- no need to compete for  her attention. Also, no one to play board games with. I just never got much into them. I have improved some over the years- trying to get Buttercup to like them. They still aren’t my favorite but I do see the importance of the social interaction and friendly competition.

5 Games I Will Play

1. Rummikub

2. Triominoes

3. Taboo

4. Apples to Apples (The more people the better… works with mixed age groups, too!)

5. Uno (Great on an airplane)

5 Games I Refuse to Play

1. Scrabble (But I like Words With Friends- go figure!)

2. Any game with cards

3. Monopoly

4. Risk (Too bad for Redbeard, he loves this game)

5. Chess (Although I might try Wizard Chess with Ron Weasley!)

As a bonus: 5 Games I played with Buttercup when she was little:

1. Pretty Pretty Princess (This was especially fun because Buttercup would never make me wear the black ring…. so Redbeard had to wear it!)

2. Hi-Ho Cherry O

3. Guess Who

4. Candyland

5. Chutes and Ladders

So- there it is… one of my issues- out in the open and illustrated for your entertainment!

Rule #93- Find a game and a partner (or 3) and play a game!