Here at The Queen’s Palace… Friday is errands day. You know the deal, get money, fill the gas tank, wash the car, post office, dry cleaners, library, Costco, etc… whatever needs doing so that we don’t spend the weekend running around in circles. It is one of the biggest benefits to being a stay at home mom/wife! (The other big one being home cooked meals every night!)

Today I was in line at Costco to pump gas…

They have it set up to go one-way only, which I think is genius. The nozzle hoses (or whatever they are called) are extra long so you can pump from any of them no matter what side your tank is on. Not everyone gets this and the lines for the left side pumps is always longer. Works for me; I just pull up and use the long hose the way it is intended.

Today, while I was pumping, I looked up to see who was using the pump next to me.

Luckily, she was not smoking at the time

It was an old lady (no PC nonsense here) in hot pink leggings with a flowered top that Buttercup would have loved. Unfortunately, it barely covered her ample backside. She was also wearing platform flip-flops and a flowery headband. She was quite a picture…. and she looked as happy as a clam.

I admit, my first impulse was to call up my judgment (I have judgement on speed dial!) and feel superior. Then I though about it… why would I do that? She may have looked a little “off” in my eyes, but she felt like she looked FABULOUS- that’s all that matters. I smiled at her and carried on.


Rule #88- Let your freak flag fly!