So…. with the new year comes new challenges. Now, I don’t do resolutions because I don’t think they work, but I did decide it was time to make some changes.

One of my goals is to regain some of my flexibility…. physically!

I have done yoga as exercise in the past and have always enjoyed it. For some reason, even things we enjoy fall by the wayside after a while.

So, I have found some yoga programs to do at home and I started Tuesday. The cats seem to really enjoy it! When I lean forward, the cats chase my hair. When I am on one foot, they try to climb my leg. When I do the relaxing breathing at the end, laying flat on my back, they sit on my belly and ride up and down.

So, I think that I will keep it up- at least it’s cheaper than more cat toys!

Rule #87- Find inner peace- and fun- where you can!