I am accepting the challenge from LC Aggie Sith at http://aggiesprite.wordpress.com to list my top 10 pet peeves:

10- People who take young kids to R rated movies…. get a stinkin’ babysitter!

9- Crunching ice from the bottom of a cup!

8- People who don’t know what they want when they get to the front of the line… read the menu while you are waiting!

7- When people try to look in your purse, or read the package you’re sending or some other nosy behavior.

6- People in the grocery line who want to be my friend!

5- People who name their kids after weird things…. Apple, Diamond, etc…

4- The FBI and Interpol warnings at the beginning of DVDs…. ok, I get it!

3- Anything and everything about Wal-Mart

2- Dumb kids who try to convince the smart kids that it’s not cool to be smart.

1- When a book that I love gets turned into a crappy movie.

Thanks Aggie, I feel better now!

Rule #86- Find a safe way to get things off your chest!

What are your pet peeves?