I know I have not been very good at posting lately. The Pirate Redbeard and Buttercup have been home with me and I have been otherwise occupied!

Today, Buttercup and I went to get pedicures…. one of my favorite things to do!

I always get the same color…. bright red. It is Redbeard’s favorite and that’s enough for me! Of course Buttercup changes every time… this time was navy blue sparkles.

There is something strangely intimate about a good pedicure. The pedicurist (?) – mine was a guy- is rubbing lotion into your legs, squeezing your feet, pounding your calf muscles…. add the hot water, the aroma salts, the mask, the hot towels and massage chair…. wowza!

Now, where I go for pedicures the entire staff is Vietnamese. They talk to each other and mind their business. I love this- I am not a big chit chatter. This allows me to read my book or play Words With Friends and no one bothers me. Pure Heaven!

While thinking along the lines of massage, pedicures and Vietnamese men for a book selection, I had to stretch my boundaries. It’s not very PC- but I came up with The Hotel at the Corner of Bitter and Sweet by Jamie Ford. This book takes place in San Francisco’s China Town during World War II. It is about a Chinese family and how they are treated by the whites in the area. The young Chinese boy falls in love with a Japanese girl whose family is subsequently shipped to an internment camp. The prejudice within the Asian community is astounding to me. The book brings us to the present time  and wraps up in a realistic package at the end.   Another book that led me to learn a lot about American history that I did not know.

I highly recommend this book… if I had more than 2 thumbs, I would give it a 4 thumbs up!

Rule #83- Treat yourself to something that makes you feel wonderful….