I should have written this post yesterday…. it was grey and rainy and kind of melodramatically depressing. By the time it got dark the rain was just pouring down…. we even got a little bit of thunder and lightning.

Remember that Texas suffered its worst drought in history this year…. literally. Any rain is good rain. The more rain the better. Now, I admit that the cloudy, grey drearies get me down… when it is just oppressively dank outside. However, when the rain is falling- I am smiling. Our poor corner of the world is just plain thirsty.

Buttercup and I went out on the front step to watch the storm last night and she started singing…. (to the Christmas song- Joy to the World)… “Joy to the grass the rain has come. Let trees receive their rain. Let every plant prepare its roots. And branches and leaves all sing… and branches and leaves all sing…” You get the point.

I have a lot of Facebook friends who have complained about the rain…. I think we need to look at it differently… look at the bright side of life (hey! That sounds familiar!)

Always look on the Bright Side of Life

So, this made me think of a book that was recommended to me by a Facebook friend that I have known since 7th grade… BTW,

The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein

The book really is about a race car driver and how he wins because he knows how to race in the rain. But that is not what the book is really about. The narrator of the book is a dog… now, I am NOT a dog person. I just don’t “get” them. This dog, if he really existed, would be an exception. Mr Stein tells the story of a man’s life through the eyes of his silent witness. There are 2 deaths in the family…. one is written in a way that is very matter of fact and clinical- not very emotional. The other- one of the most heartbreaking death scenes I have ever read.

I definitely give this book 2 thumbs up.

What’s your favorite thing to do when it rains?

Rule #80- Into every life a little rain must fall…. make the best of it.