Today I got my hair done. Men, I understand that you just don’t get it…. Ladies, you know what I mean. I feel so good! The hour or so that I spend getting pampered and beautified are priceless!

I always feel so confident when I walk out of the salon….. Ms Leslie is amazing!  I feel like I could do anything that needs doing… super hero like!

As it turned out, Redbeard had a meeting this morning and he finished at about the same time I left the salon. We agreed to meet at a store nearby (I can’t name it- Buttercup is a regular reader of this blog!) to buy her last, major gift. We found exactly what we wanted and asked a clerk about it. Turns out, it was the last one and we would have to take the floor model.

To understand what happened next, you have to understand that I am most likely the most non-confrontational person you will ever know. I don’t like to argue, disagree, ask for anything….  I avoid all confrontation at all costs….

So, I said to the man…. What kind of discount do we get for taking the floor model? He smiled and said he would be right back. He returned in a moment and offered us 20% off of the sale price. I was so proud of me! Redbeard smiled at me,  bemused by my excitement…. he knows that asking that was hard for me. Yes, really. I told him it was the hair! I felt pretty and confident.  He just kept smiling!

This made me think of Bossypants by  Tina Fey. We listened to the author read audio version in the car… and laughed and laughed. She is a strong, confident, hysterically funny and honest woman. Everything I want to be…. One of my favorite book quotes ever is in there… but alas, it is one of the few lines of the book that is not Buttercup friendly. Trust me…. it is priceless. I am not usually a fan of memoirs- but Tina Fey was a definite exception.

If you like to laugh and are curious how such a personality is evolved… check it out… I especially recommend the audio version.

Rule #79- Take advantage of whatever courage you can find within yourself….

Rule #79 b (for the guys) Pay attention and tell her how nice she looks when she gets her hair fixed!