First, for those of you who were wondering, our local high school football team did not win their second state championship but we love them and are proud of them. The trip to Dallas to watch the game was definitely worth it! The best part was that Buttercup and the rest of the band got to march on the field at Dallas Cowboys Stadium… I saw her on the Jumbo-tron! It was an amazing experience for all of the kids. If you heard/saw any news about the run away electric cart that ran a coach and some other people down on the field… that was at the end of our game. It was a very dramatic way to end an evening.

Today was the 3rd annual Christmas Tea at Grammy’s house (my mom). She invites 10-12 ladies from her different groups of friends over for high tea. Buttercup and I have gone each year. Imagine a young teenage girl in a room of  10 65+ year old women…. Buttercup deserves a cookie! This year, Grammy let her invite 2 of her friends…. This was a brilliant idea. The girls looked so cute and acted like the happy, friendly, well mannered kids that they are. It made all of the older women happy to spend time with them and Grammy’s tea was a success.

Family is an interesting thing. For most of us, we don’t have much say in who our family is. I mean, we marry the person of our choice and they become our family…. but the family we are born into- no say whatsoever!

I would have to say that I got lucky- and I am doing my best so that Buttercup will feel the same way when she grows up. So far, so good!

Of all the books I have read this year I think that The Family Fang by Kevin Wilson best illustrates the craziness of family.

The children in the family spend a lot of time wishing they had been born into a different family…. but when push comes to shove they realize how deep those ties really are.

The book was not what I thought it was going to be… but I liked it a lot and suggest you add it to your lists…

Rule #78- Make time for your family… do something special…. start a tradition

Rule #78a- Watch out for unmanned electric carts!