Yesterday was just one of those days….

I had a million and one things on my “to do” list.

-Four loads of laundry

– 4 dozen gingerbread cupcakes to make, bake, frost and garnish for a party at one of Redbeard’s co-worker’s home

I did not make rainbow cupcakes.... but they look cool!

-6 dozen sugar cookies- with red and green M&M’s pressed in the tops for Buttercup to take on the band bus today. (The last football game is today- our team plays for the State Championship- in Dallas Cowboys Stadium- It will be on Fox Sports Southwest at 8pm CST- watch it if you can- these kids are fantastic!)

-Wrap the last couple of presents that had to be mailed (today, I hope)

-Go to the grocery store when I ran out of butter.

-Get gas, cash, and a car wash- My Friday jobs

In the middle of all of this…. school was released at 1:00 to start the Christmas break so I had to go pick up Buttercup. She was going to a friend’s house, but not until 2:00. We went to Sonic and ate tater tots and drank big cold drinks (limeade for her and Diet Coke with extra lime for me!) We picked up another of her friends (BFF) and I delivered them to Friend 3. That half hour at Sonic just talking about her day while we licked salt off of our fingers and squeezed the limes in our drinks was about the best one all day.

As the day progressed, I started checking in with Redbeard. He had a late meeting and the plan was that I would be ready for this party and waiting at the door when he pulled in. We would jump in my car and go go go! Of course, it didn’t quite work out that way. His meeting went WAY over and by the time he got home and we got back up to the Interstate- it was a parking lot of course- we (I) decided that this party was not worth the strain it was putting on us at that time. It was scheduled until 8:30 and with the traffic we would have gotten there about 7:30.

We (I) decided we would just go to dinner instead- after all, I WAS dressed for a party and I DID look much too fabulous to just go home! We picked on of our favorite local places and had a joyful, happy time. Just the two of us, several small plates of different foods and my 2 raspberry Bellini…. perfection!

Our last stop of the night was to gather our Buttercup into the Royal Highlander and go back to the castle. We all changed into jammies, got our favorite beverages (red wine, dark beer, cold milk) and watched the shows backed up on our DVR.

I know the Christmas season is about sharing time with others… getting together with those that you only see once a year or so…. changing your routine up…. but last night… Christmas time was about doing what we needed to do to feed our family. This time of year can be rough on the ones we love most if we let too much other “stuff” get in the way.

The book I read this year that came to mind was Olive Kitteridge by Elizabeth Strout. It is an everyday life kind of book. Set in a small town, it centers on Olive, a busybody grump who a lot of people just don’t understand. It is full of little everyday stories that just reminded me that we all have our battles to face and our victories to cheer. Everyday is ours to live….

Rule #77-  No matter what kind of day you have had…. choose to focus on the good things!

PS- Segments of the day (ie: the choice words flying about when Redbeard was so late)- have been omitted. I don’t try to pretend that our lives are perfect- I just choose to dwell on and share the positive. There is enough negativity in the world… I don’t want to spread anymore!