This one is tough for me. However, in the spirit of fairness…. I handed the notebook in which I keep my book list to the Pirate Redbeard and told him that I would write about whichever book he chose from said list.

He gleefully chose A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess.

Why is this tough? Because it took me approximately 10 tries over 20 years to read this book and that amuses him.

I first tried to read it in college and could not get through the first chapter. That time, the language stopped me. All of the made up words were just more than I could wrap my head around at the time.

I tried again our first year of marriage…. I wanted to watch the movie but thought I should read the book first. This time it was the violence that stopped me.

Now, I am no prude about reading violent books…. I love Dexter books (MUCH darker than the tv show) and Stephen King is my favorite…. but the violence in ACO was so drastic and random. It was horrible.

Over the years I would forget and try to read it again. By the time the droogs got to the house out in the country I would have to put it down. Time and time again.

For some reason, I tried one more time this past year. I committed myself to finishing it no matter what. I cried as I read it…. but I made myself do it. Once I got past the cottage scene it got a little bit easier… but never easy. There was no smooth sailing for me in this book. I did finish it this time.

Am I glad I read it? Not sure. I try not to expose my soul to things that hurt it- but I felt a need to read this. Now as for the movie, there is nothing that could make me watch it. Rape as entertainment does not work. Period. End of story.

Rule #73- If you set a goal for yourself…. be willing to accept that it may take you 20 years to accomplish it.