Last night I spent 2 hours drinking wine, eating snacks, laughing, telling stories, drinking wine, laughing and something else…. what was it?  Oh yeah, discussing our book. It was, after all, a book club meeting! Did I mention the wine?

I know I have discussed book club before…. but since this month is all about books I figured I could get away with it!

This is the book we read. It is a perfect example of what is good about book club. This is a book that I don’t think I ever would have picked up on my own. I don’t usually read “relationship” books. However…. it was a book club choice so I gave it a chance.

It ended up being a good pick. A really good pick.  It was about how a woman learns that she can survive without a man. Genius. A weak, selfish man leaves his wife and daughter for a younger woman… nothing earth shattering there. She tries finding another man… again… no surprise. When things get interesting is when she and her daughter figure out that they can do it on their own. They are enough.

I am, in no way whatsover, suggesting that all men are weak and selfish. Neither am I saying that men leave their families for younger women as a matter of course.  Only that these are not uncommom book themes.

As a daughter that grew up with a divorced mom… one who never tried to find a man to fix everything…. one who taught me that we were enough…. I found a lot to like about Cami in this book.


Rule #72- Open a bottle of wine and check out a book that reminds women that they can do it on their own…. We and our kids can be enough!