The Big Slough between their house and the town....

Go West!

Ok- you don’t have to go west if you don’t want to , but it fits the theme today.

Today’s book is actually 4 books we listened to on our road trip up North this summer. We listened to On the Shores of Silver Lake, The Long Winter, Little Town on the Prairie and These Happy Golden Years by Laura Ingalls Wilder. Yes, I am a child of the 1970’s!

Of course, I have read all of these books before… multiple times. Buttercup has read them on her own and when she was little Redbeard read the whole series to her as bedtime books. We were all very familiar with the Ingalls family.

So why, you may ask, with all of the books in the world, would we choose to listen to this series (partial) again? Because that was the basis of the whole trip!

Each year we take 2 weeks and just drive….. this year we followed I-35 due North until it ran out just south of the Canadian border.  We continued up into Canada, made a loop and came down into ND, SD, MT, WY etc….    As long as we were going that way…. said the Queen…… let’s go to see where Laura lived! Yippeeee!!!! I am a total nerd that way!

We had actually seen the house in Missouri that Laura and her hubby, Almanzo Wilder, lived in until their deaths. Being somewhere that those characters/people actually lived was amazing to me.

This summer we hit Burr Oak, IA (a hotel where they lived and worked for a year), DeSmet, SD and Walnut Grove, MN. All of these are places where they lived. We were inside the 2 of the actual houses from the stories. We were in the actual school in which Laura taught. We saw the trees that Pa planted as a wind break around their house. We have pictures of Plum Creek and The Big Slough.  We saw the cemetery and gravestones of Ma  and Pa, Carrie and Mary.

It seems odd to me sometimes that not everyone was as obsessed with these books as a child. I used to carry on conversations with Laura in my mind. I would imagine that I was bringing her places in the modern world and trying to explain things like tv and microwaves to her. It was as if she were real! I know she was real… but when I was young I couldn’t even imagine seeing the things I have now seen.

Obviously, I am the luckiest woman in the world since Redbeard and Buttercup humor me so…. I just love them!

Laura has always been and will always be my favorite book character EVER!

Rule #71- Always keep in touch with your childhood dreams…. they may just come true!

I was looking through my pictures and not very many are blog friendly (They have people in them) but I did pick out a few…