This rule is an admission of guilt…. on occasion, The Queen needs to read a little bit of trash. Specifically, sexy Vampire trash!

This year I read 4 of the Sookie Stackhouse (True Blood) novels. Oh bless my Viking Vampire loving heart, but even in the books… Eric knocks me out!

I mean, seriously!

This Vamp could bite….. oh, wait, Buttercup reads this….. He is very handsome!

Now, the tv series follows the books in a general kind of way. Some characters that are big on the tv show are small (or killed off early) in the books. That just happens and I’m ok with it.

As long as Alcide the sexy werewolf:

 and even brooding Bill the Vampire are involved, it’s all good!

As long as I have these pictures in my head when reading the books…. they are hot stuff!

The books are just throw away fun stuff…. but we all need that sometimes.

 Rule #70- If you get cold on a dark winter night…. travel to Bon Temps, LA and enter the sultry world of Sookie and her super sexy, super natural neighbors!