The last day of the Be Grateful rules….. I mean, obviously, we should always be grateful, but today is the last day that my rule will end with Be Grateful!

Today’s rule is so heavy and so serious that I can’t help but make light of it.

I am grateful for my Buttercup. She makes me happy. I love her so much. She also makes me crazy and mad enough to want to spit sometimes! But then, as a 14 year old, that is her job!

She is the 2nd smartest person I know. She is beyond any human measure of beautiful. She makes my world complete.

A typical conversation:

While she is supposed to be emptying the dishwasher she stops to look in the fish tank.

BC: Oh look, Tigger (our catfish) is out. Come look.

Q: No, you are supposed to be emptying the dishwasher not playing with the fish.

BC: I’m not playing with the fish. I am LOOKING at the fish. Oh wait, I think Tigger is dead. He is just kind of laying on the bottom not blinking. Do fish blink?

Q: I don’t know. Now stop dawdling.

BC: Will you go get a new fish tomorrow? Just like this one and we can call him Tigger.

Oh wait, he’s still alive. Nevermind. I guess I can’t put off emptying the dishwasher any more.

Q: Thank you

BC: You know you love me…. let’s sing Christmas songs…..

Both kinds of Buttercup fit my girl child.  I almost never call her by name…. I have 100 nicknames for her (most of which I promised not to publish) The Girl and Girl Child are pretty common. As is Chicken Noodle (She hates chicken but loves the name!) and Sweet Pete.

Ps- There are 5 fish in our tank other than Tigger. They all look alike and are all named Steve. That way we don’t have to try to tell them apart and when they die they are easily replaced.

Anyway…. I digress…. Princess Buttercup is the one thing in my life that I have never questioned.

Rule #65- If you have ever loved anyone like I love my Buttercup- Be grateful!

Rule #65a- If you know Buttercup- be extra grateful!