I love Jesus!

This is my choice; He is my Savior.

For me, this is a very good thing. My faith has brought me peace, hope, comfort and happiness.

Jesus loves me, too! This makes me happy!

I know that not everyone agrees with me. That’s ok. I pray for all of you, whether you want me to or not!

I will never push my beliefs on you… I am happy to share with anyone who asks.

My goal is to live a life that makes others want to have what I have. My Pastor taught me that this is the best way to reach people and I believe him. Yelling at people and telling them they are wrong won’t convince them to believe what I believe.

Showing them what God has given me and brought into my life…. now that is a big selling point!

I have made so many friends and been touched by their faith and love as well.

I admit, I am no Bible scholar. I have only been a believer for 6 years and I cannot quote scripture or explain all of the questions people have…. that’s ok though. I walk in faith and God guides me to speak His truth.

If you believe something different than I do…. good for you. I love you!

Rule #64- If you believe in something…. Be grateful. If you believe that someone believes in you…. be extra grateful!