Well, we made it home. No matter how much we travel and how many wonderful things we get to experience… nothing beats walking through that front door and knowing you are home!

It was a long 800 miles in the cloudy, gray overcast weather today but we really didn’t want to spend the night somewhere along the way and still have driving to do tomorrow. Now we can wake up in our own bed…. as late as we want to!

Considering how many people are supposed to travel over the holiday…. the road (I-35 South all the way)  was pretty empty. Of course, there always has to be an accident somewhere along the line.

We stopped for drinks and gas and a leg stretch. Buttercup talked Redbeard into letting her get ice cream. It took her awhile to pick what she wanted and we lost our place in the short line. Probably set us back 4 minutes total.

About 5 miles down the road…. traffic is stopped and a fire truck is running up the shoulder. An accident up ahead….

My dear, sweet Redbeard says, “Good thing we got that ice cream.”  I asked what he meant…. keep the girl from starving while we sat there? He said, “We might have been there when it happened.”

Simple, true, heartbreakingly perfect answer.

Thank God and Redbeard’s mad ninja driving skills…. we made it home safe and sound.

Rule #62- If you have ever been fortunate enough to be stopped by an accident instead of being involved…. be grateful.