Today is Thanksgiving, officially!

I DO try to be thankful every day, but the addition of pie, sweet potatoes, turkey and gravy does make it easier than ever!

Actually, since we are staying with our “friend family” this week- we ate our big meal yesterday. Just because we could. We have to be on the road Friday morning so this way we had all day today for leftovers! After all, Sister Kelly did make enough food for 20 people! (Thankfully!)

I call them our “friend family” because it is the best term I can think of to describe the relationship.

Family has background, old stories, expectations and acceptance. Friends have common likes, acceptance, no expectations and a desire to just spend time together.

As much as we love the families we are born into or married into…. which is very much….. there is a benefit to the family you choose. Unspoken comfort, love, acceptance, apple pie and bacon for breakfast, beer and turkey with cranberries for lunch, playing memory with a 3 year old and brain puzzles with Buttercup.

Our friends and families and friend families have changed and grown over the years and nothing could make me happier.

Now excuse me, I need to go see if there is any pecan pie left!

Rule #61 If you have friends that are family….. Be Grateful!