We are home! Woot Woot!

We had so much fun! We ate way too much, drank even more too much, gambled some for fun, walked, laughed, danced and just let go, in general.

Nothing so liberating as waking up and having nothing except eating as a requirement for the day.

We ate at Craftsteak.  It  is a Tom Colicchio restaurant, for any of you who watch Top Chef. It was arguably the best food in the world!

I just can’t even begin to explain it all… especially because I am very sleepy and still have to unpack and repack. We leave early tomorrow morning to go to KS for Thanksgiving with Sister Kelly and Brother E and their 2 princesses.  Can’t wait to see them! Love love love them to pieces.

Rule #59- If you have ever had a vacation that reminded you why you married your spouse in the first place…. Be grateful


PS- On a sad note- my Sister Friend (MR) lost her sweet Mama today. Love you Sis….