So, Redbeard is out of town. He actually got to go somewhere cool for work. He usually goes to Dayton, Dallas, Atlanta….. not that they don’t have their own amount of cool…. just not anywhere I ever want to go with him.

This time he is in Vegas! Woot! I get to meet him there later this week. Can’t wait!

So… today he texted me. He was in line at the Starbucks in the Rio and wanted me to check online and see how much money he had on his gift card. I signed on to my SBX account and pulled up my Gold Card (our cards are all connected). He only had $1.45 left.  I pointed and clicked 3 or 4 times and POOF he has plenty of money on his card before he ever gets to the cashier.

Technology, caffeine, Las Vegas- what a great combination!

Rule #57= If you have ever had fun with a technological marvel…. Be Grateful!!!!