Between 2 services of church, lunch out with Herself, movie date and then Buttercup’s homework…. We didn’t do our traditional Sunday trip to HEB.

For those of you who don’t live in Texas…HEB is the local grocery chain.

As a rule, I make the menu and list on Saturday. After church on Sunday, the 3 of us head to the store. Redbeard goes to the cafe area and gets himself a coffee, the Queen a soda and an Icee for Buttercup. We then stroll up and down every aisle taking our time. We really enjoy the time together. Sometimes it gets social too. We often see several people we know while we’re there. It’s one of our favorite weekly traditions.

SInce I am thinking about all the things I am thankful for this month; I thought about all the food in the store today.ย Withinย 5 miles of my house there are 2 big grocery stores and at least 8 icehouses (convenient store/gas station stores). Food is so abundant that we get to choose what we want, how much we want and even what brand we want. OMG!

We have people whose job it is just to put it in order on the shelves. How amazingly blessed we are!

Rule #51- If you can get in your car and drive to the grocery store right now…. Be grateful!

Carry On!