Yesterday was Saturday…. a good day… no school, no work, no obligations.

We finally went to the phone store and got new phones. We have  been SO last decade about phones until now.

The new royal phone has an android system. So far we are pretty excited. I can finally “check in” when I go places and more importantly…. I can play Words With Friends!

Phones are just amazing now. I am not even sure if it makes phone calls!

Rule #49- If you have a phone (of any sort) and can communicate with others when and how you like… Be grateful!

Today we went to the movies. Buttercup and Herself went to see Puss in Boots. They said it was funny. They enjoyed the voice work of the celebrities and said the story was cute.

They didn’t come with Redbeard and me because we went all grown up!

We saw Harold and Kumar’s Christmas movie. It was royally funny! Definitely met the Queen’s laugh quota for a few days. Of course, Neil Patrick Harris stole the show!

Rule #50- If you have laughed an honest, deep down laugh recently….Be grateful!