I absolutely LOVE to read…. read, read, read!

I have always loved it. There are few things I would rather do.

I read for information, entertainment, education, to kill time, to change my mind…

What a world of words we live in.

What a society we live in. We can read anything we want to. We can read the Bible any time and any where we like. We can read newspapers that tell us what is happening in the world. We can read books by women, men, Asians, Muslims, homosexuals, athletes and serial killers.

We have the freedom to make up our own minds. We can even change our minds if someone writes convincingly.

I have learned about World Wars, ancient Japan, Renaissance Italy, vampires and Hogwarts. I have learned about politics, popular culture, nutrition and religion.

I have read about other cultures/societies that would not allow me to be what I am or learn what I like.

How fortunate for us that everyone in our country has access to free education regardless of sex, race, etc….. Education is the key.

Rule # 48- If you can read this, if you can access any information you need, if you can form your own opinion, if your Bible (or other book of Faith) is close to hand, if you have access to a library full of free books…. Be grateful!!!!