Even the Queen herself must admit this; I don’t know everything.

I’ve always believed that being smart is not about knowing everything…. it’s knowing where to get the information you need. Look the formula up in the book, use a dictionary, ask an expert, whatever….. just be careful about your sources.

In the past, I had a problem with admitting I don’t know.

Subject: Do you know where Evans crosses Wilson?

Queen: (nodding) oh yeah…. there….

Subject: It’s about 1 mile up on the left from there

Queen: Ok….

Redbeard: So, where is it?

Queen: I have no idea!

So- over time I am getting better at saying “I don’t know” instead of making things up.

Except when it’s fun to make things up of course!

Rule #41- It’s ok to admit you don’t know everything, but don’t just expect others to give you the answers. Go out and find what you need to know!