The Pirate Redbeard is making my supper right now.

That is a good thing! He is making biscuits from scratch. Nothing else. Just biscuits. We don’t have a lot of food rules on the weekend.  We eat when we’re hungry. We eat out too often. We forget about fruits and veggies. Not always good for us… but fun.

I guess we follow so many rule and routines during the week that something has to give. If you let a little steam off here and there, you are less likely to explode. Monday through Friday there is always something that we have to do , somewhere we have to be. School day breakfast, lunch and dinner are planned by the week. Bedtimes for all are strictly enforced. Until Friday (after football of course).

I think that since we make our own rules; breaking them shouldn’t have much consequence.

Rule # 38-  Everyone should have a regularly scheduled rule free day…..   Of course- The Queen’s Rules always apply!