Today I went to buy a trundle-bed and mattress to use in the guest room.

Along the way, I was stopped at a red light next to a car that was lower profile (shorter!) than mine.

The lady at the steering wheel forgot an important fact (or 3)… Cars have windows. Windows are glass. People can see through glass.

She was using tweezers to pull hairs out of her chin! It was not an attractive sight. I had a hard time not beeping my horn just to get her attention. I tried to snap a picture to add, but was unsuccessful. I forgot the royal photographer today…alas!

I know we have all seen the good (people dancing and singing), the bad (people arguing or crying), and the ugly (Get your finger out of your nose!). But I must admit that today was my first chin tweezing I had ever seen in the car.

Rule # 34- Everyone shall be aware that they are visible in the car at all times…. keep your fingers/hands where they belong!