October has definitely made its presence known here in South Texas. One of the most visible signs is darkness. It stays dark much later and gets dark much earlier.

Apparently, not everyone knows about this magical phenomenon!

Every morning, while transporting Buttercup to school in the royal Highlander, I end up yelling at someone. (Some unfortunate peasant on the road, not Buttercup!)

When it is dark enough for people to use the headlights on their vehicles…. and there is a perfectly good sidewalk 2 feet away from you….. DO NOT RUN IN THE ROAD!!!! Drivers cannot see you!!! Hello, it is DARK!

I understand bikes in the road. No problem. Most of them have lights… at the very least they have reflectors. I can see them; they (for the most part) escape my wrath!

And let’s be honest here…. if I hit someone running in the road, in the dark, with no reflective gear, on the wrong side of the road…. it will still end up MY fault.

And The Queen just does not have time for that kind of paperwork!

Rule # 32- When I am Queen of the World, anyone running in the street (when a sidewalk is available) shall have to mow my lawn and wash my car for one year.

Carry on!