We just got around to getting yesterday’s mail today… happens sometimes.

I admit it doesn’t happen often because I really like to get the mail… but some days it gets away from me.

Buttercup got the most wonderful envelope in the mail.

A junior membership to the NRA. She owns a gun, so her grandpa (From herein known as Fast Eddie) bought it for her for Christmas last year. For her birthday this year, he signed her up. She has a membership card with her name on it and stickers. I told her she should put one in her bedroom window to deter intruders!

We are very proud of her and her desire to learn to protect herself. I don’t think The Pirate Redbeard will have to scare away unsuitable suitors; she will do it herself!

Rule # 31- When I am Queen of the World…. the 2nd Amendment will not be questioned.