Our high school football team won tonight. That make 21 wins in a row. Pretty impressive. More importantly to me…. what a great group of young men our team is made of.

The Queen cannot be called biased…. Her way is the only way…. the referees were unfair. They called all kinds of crazy made up penalties on our team. It was obvious that they were being paid by the other team. At one point their coach was out on the field acting the fool. It was brutal after a point.

Our boys just kept playing. They acted as is nothing was wrong. They never stooped to late hits or blocking in the back. They put down their heads and soldiered on.

Our head coach is an amazing example of calm, clear headed leadership. He doesn’t run around yelling… he just tells the boys what he expects and lets them go. Coach J proves the theory that one person’s great attitude can make a huge difference.

After our team’s hardest fought game of the season… before they took their victory lap, they sat in the end zone and watched our marching band perform their competition piece. The gave the band a standing ovation at the end. As a band mom who supports the football team, I was incredibly touched to see them support the band like that.

Rule #29 All high school football teams will exhibit the class of those at BPS HS!!!