Today was fun…. I got to play with babies!

I guess that could sound wrong…. it’s not, I assure you. I have had my background check done and I am clear!

A friend of mine has 2 girls under the age of 3. She is a happy and lucky Mommy. She is also a tired and overworked Mommy. She had some things to do today that she just couldn’t put off any more. The Queen to the rescue.

I put on my crown and my cape and swooped in for some baby time!

We sang songs, danced, fed “babies”, stuck magnets on the fridge, tickled, laughed and experienced general hilarity. I admit that the 2 1/2 hours just flew by…. I was surprised when Mommy came home.

Looking back (add melancholy here)- the time when I was at home with Buttercup and had no responsibility other than her was the best! I loved it!

Granted, I was a much younger Queen then (Remember, she is 14 now!). I hope I get to go play at their house again sometime soon….

Note: The picture above is not a picture of one of the actual babies I cared for today. That would be irresponsible to post a picture of someone else’s baby! (wink*)

Rule # 27- When I am in charge of the world- all babies will be happy, healthy, loved babies!