Some things just make me happy! 🙂

Some things just make me sad. 😦

Last week we finally paid off our auto loan! We own our vehicle outright! This makes me very happy!

I went to the county registrar today to get the lien taken off the registration. I was excited to hand her the title and tell her what I was doing.

She said she had never seen someone so excited about paying off their car. That makes me sad. I would guess that most people feel very good about paying off a big debt. I would hope that not many people take something so important for granted. After all, we are very blessed to be able to afford a car in the first place. Owning it… really owning it, is a big deal!

So, if people DO feel good about paying off their loans…. they just aren’t showing it. That’s terrible.  Most of us have no problem sharing with the whole world when we are unhappy about something. Why not share when you are happy!?!?!  Don’t be afraid…. clap at the end of a movie you liked, tell the cashier that you love her earrings, smile at people (simple but very effective) and share your HAPPY!

Rule # 26- Share your HAPPY!!!!!